Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy overlap. I use both approaches to help individuals take more control of events in their lives. I will respect your judgement about the way you want to take the therapy and will be willing to share thoughts and theory with you.

Counselling is about what is happening in our everyday lives.

Having someone hear what we are experiencing can help us to recognise what we need to help us.

Sometimes we also need support from someone who is outside of our everyday lives, just to be there for us, without entanglement.

Counselling is a space for us to find out what we feel and think about the situation.

Psychotherapy is about our future.

It offers us a chance to change how we see ourselves and how we feel, think and behave around other people.

It means becoming aware of how past experiences impact on the way we react in everyday life. It offers us a chance to choose to act differently.

Psychotherapy is a tool we can use to shape our futures.

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